Bilkins manages to be at the forefront of the Staffing services revolution, as IT staffing and vendor management was not a core competency for our customers. Bilkins perpetuates a national pool of talent, enabling our customers’ systems and operations function impeccably so they can be vigilant on business and mission objectives. Bilkins has a proven record of identifying consultants and contingent staff for clients. Bilkins fulfills any potential requirement through extensive candidate acquisition and evaluation process.

Bilkins has spent years developing flawless comprehensive staffing model to identify and apprise best candidates to their customers’ workforce needs. Bilkins is committed in providing flexible staffing options to allow their customers and candidates adjust to changing work environments with ease. Bilkins pushes to improve their delivery of technical staffing services and aspire to become indispensible partners with each company they connect.

Top Four Reasons to Choose Our Company

Dedicated Account Team

We assign committed team to staffing needs of our respective clients to strengthen our partnerships. Our management and recruiting staff function in coordination with program managers and staffing specialists from our partner firms in order to provide the personnel necessary to satisfy any given requirement.

Vendor Management

Our vendor relationships are built on staunch communication, responsiveness, precise knowledge of client needs, quality of contractor submittals, performance measurements, and compliance. Customers rely on Bilkins for the primary reason that it comes with profound experience in Managed Services and proven track record of hand-picking right people to right position at the right time.

Managed Supplier Provider

Bilkins emphasizes on strict compliance to applicable regulations and manage internal and external service programs of their clients. Biklins’s performance metrics for submittals, interviews, fill and acceptance is meticulous and all candidates are scrutinized to match required skill sets.

Payroll Services

Payroll is the most daunting task of HR department, which needs accuracy and must meet the deadline. Employee satisfaction somewhat depends on the payroll management services

We help our customers solve their most pressing business challenges.

    Bilkins is an established IT Professional Services and Solutions firm. At Bilkins we strive to help our customers solve their most pressing business challenges.


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