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Bilkins is flexible in providing Contract, Contract to Hire and Direct Hire positions from time to time to its clients as per their specific requirements. Bilkins believes in delivering High Quality Recruitment Solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to strengthen the long-term business relationship of its clients. Bilkins specializes in managing the entire recruitment life cycle process right from scouting for talent, tracking movement of top class performers and zeroing on the right candidate for placing them as per the specific client requirements.

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Top Four Reasons to Choose Our Company

Dedicated Accounts Team

We assign committed team to staffing needs of our respective clients to strengthen our partnerships. Our management and recruiting staff function in coordination with program managers and staffing specialists from our partner firms in order to provide the personnel necessary to satisfy any given requirement.

Vendor Management

Our vendor relationships are built on staunch communication, responsiveness, precise knowledge of client needs, quality of contractor submittals, performance measurements, and compliance. Customers rely on Bilkins for the primary reason that it comes with profound experience in Managed Services and proven track record of hand-picking right people to right position at the right time.

MSP Supplier

Bilkins emphasizes on strict compliance to applicable regulations and manage internal and external service programs of their clients. Biklins’s performance metrics for submittals, interviews, fill and acceptance is meticulous and all candidates are scrutinized to match required skill sets.

Payroll Services

Payroll is the most daunting task of HR department, which needs accuracy and must meet the deadline. Employee satisfaction somewhat depends on the payroll management services

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While providing Contract positions, Bilkins ensures clock-work precision so as to enable our passionate recruiting teams to work on to source qualified professionals who have exposure, expertise and experience in a variety of industries for all the requirements.

Value addition to our clients would be the reference check & validating the work experience of the candidates, so that only genuine and verified candidates are shortlisted for every client interview process to ensure the clients to experience the real value for the return on their investment of time and money.

Under Contract to Hire, Bilkins always believes in selecting and placing such resources at client locations, based on their proven track record and those who work on to complete the projects on time without compromising on the quality of the desired outcomes.

In addition, we are committed to excellence in providing client specific, high-end consulting expertise and contract services which include providing professional business analysts, consultants, technical administration and operational support teams.

At Bilkins, we take care of the manpower requirements at junior, middle and senior management levels apart from entry level positions and fresher as well to ensure that the client organizations may realize their long term business goals.

After a series of specific outcome oriented discussions with the client, Bilkins initiates the process of sourcing, screening, short-listing the suitable profiles and finally submit the same to the clients regularly.

We continuously improve the methodologies in finding and providing the best candidates to meet every client’s day to day challenges by having an effective feedback process in place.

Staffing Solutions Tailored for Success

Your Partner in Building Exceptional Team

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Healthcare Staffing

Bilkins sources and supplies skilled professionals for the healthcare sector, ensuring a seamless fit for your organization's needs.

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Life Science Staffing

Elevating life science career with Bilkins places highly qualified professionals for research, development, and innovation.

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Government Staffing

Your reliable partner for government staffing, connecting skilled job seekers with opportunities across various sectors

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Light Industrial Staffing

Trust Bilkins for efficient light industrial staffing solutions, supplying competent professionals to meet the unique demands.

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